Our Services

As a highly specialized fabricator of customized jigs and assembly, we are fully committed to provide you the best product at a competitive pricing. To realize this we work closely and share our knowledge and experiences across departments and within our business community. This is done with a single aim; to serve you better. To ensure the highest quality of services;

  • Customer input and comments are valuable to us and will be seriously considered at design stage. If necessary, on site observation and checking will be performed to fully understand the requirements.

  • Subject to the level of complexity a brain-storming session and detailed feasible study and functionality test will be carried out.

  • With the assistance of the computer-aided design software and other value-added sources of information, we provide our proposal complete with draft drawing and specification.

  • Our experienced team members carry out fabrication, testing assembly, and commissioning jobs in accordance to design specification, schedule and in compliance to the quality control procedures.

Jigs & Fixture
Depending on the type of product, we believe critical importance is in ensuring jigs are built to precision so that they operate at an optimum. Strict quality control is employed to ensure products are manufactured to customer’s specification. Presently, we can work with aluminum, steel or other materials customized to suit your requirements.
Auto Process System
Implementing the Auto Process System enhances productivity and final product quality. Processes employed include auto bonding, loading, unloading, measuring, rejection and final inspection. We maintain a complete range of Auto Bonding and Auto Inspection Machines and depending on customer’s requirements products can be custom build to include auto inspection machine.

Fabrication Design
The critical of fabrication design part is to enhance the performance of the jig & fixture and better precision machining part so that our customer will get better quality product.

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